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Automotive Floor Coatings

Few workplace floors take more of a beating than at an automotive repair shop. We have an advanced polymer system that turns your ho-hum concrete garage floor into a rugged, stylish, low-maintenance floor. Your auto shop will look better to customers, and your mechanics will love having a cleaner, stronger floor.

Find out how Army Epoxy can provide a long-lasting solution for automotive shop floor coatings.

Benefits of Floor Coating for Automotive Shops

Our auto shop floor coating holds up to the humidity and temperature swings of the Wisconsin area. Even the heavy weight, oil spills, and cleaning chemicals won't crack or peel your coated floor. The result is an easier to clean auto shop floor that lasts many years longer than the alternatives.
Our floors are easy to maintain and are virtually impervious to stains. A damp mop keeps them looking shiny and new. Our factory floor coatings will last for years with little maintenance.

  • Makes concrete 800% stronger
  • Chemical-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-resistant
  • Anti-skid floor coating ideal for the auto shop environment
  • Attractive color and even surface to make your shop look more professional
  • Specially formulated to handle the climate of Wisconsin and the Mid-West
  • Easy-to-clean floor coating with a broom or mop
  • Installs and dries quickly with no toxic fumes

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