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Factory Floor Coatings

As a factory owner or manager, you know how important it is to maintain your factory floor. Cracks and chipping not only look bad, but they can be a health hazard for employees, be a source of ground contamination, and in the simplest terms, they're unsightly. Factor floor coatings from Army Epoxy offer beautiful and durable floor coatings that are also easy to maintain.

Our factory floor coatings are designed to withstand high traffic, high temperatures, spills, stains, and more.

Benefits of Factory Floor Coatings

There are numerous advantages to using a factory floor coatings. Our floors help keep your workers safe and help to manage your workman's comp liability. In addition, the texture in our floors helps to prevent slips and falls, and there aren't any cracks to trip on as you often find with concrete floors.

Our floors are easy to maintain and are virtually impervious to stains. A damp mop keeps them looking shiny and new. Our factory floor coatings will last for years with little maintenance.

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