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Commercial Applications

Showroom Floors

Your showroom floor paint must be seamlessly beautiful, and durable, while at the same time providing protection to your concrete floor. A sub standard , or poor quality showroom floor paint can expose wear and tear in a short amount of time. When your showroom floor coating is professionally applied, you'll end up with an even, seamless, and protective floor coating that maintains it's sleek and stylish appearance for years to come.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating

The main advantage to having a commercial kitchen floor coating installed in your restaurant is safety. Unlike tile, linoleum or concrete floors, our floor coating product a rough texture that provides traction, even when it's wet. And, unlike heavy and cumbersome mats, our floor coating is permanent, doesn't harbor bacteria and doesn't have to be cleaned every night.

These floors are attractive, an advantage for a restaurant with an open kitchen that's on view to the public. They are also easy to maintain, water repellant and durable. A concrete floor with a commercial kitchen floor coating can last and look beautiful for decades.

Commercial Bathroom Floors

The bathroom floor in your store, office or warehouse can be almost impossible to keep clean. Even after you've just polished it. Stains and wear can make your tile or linoleum bathroom floor look dingy and less than hygienic. Army Epoxy can change all that and give you a floor that's sparkling clean while being easy to maintain.

Veterinary Clinic Floors

Veterinary clinic floors receive a lot of abuse. Nervous pets may relieve themselves on the floors, causing staining and potentially causing unsanitary conditions for humans and other pets. Concrete is porous, making cleaning and sanitizing difficult. Some veterinary clinics opt for tile or linoleum flooring, but over time these can break, rips, or peel, leaving your clinic looking unsightly.

Floor coatings for your veterinary clinic provide a beautiful, durable, and sanitary way to protect your concrete floors. We can customize your floor coatings in virtually any way you like. Your product choices are virtually endless. From standard floor coatings to anti-skid safety flooring, our floor coatings are designed for any business, industry, and use.

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