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Warehouse Floor Coatings

Warehouse floors don't have to be glamorous, but they do need to be sturdy and safe. Cracks in the concrete, spills and moisture can cause hazards for employees, vendors and visitors. The ideal warehouse floor is one that you don't have to think about, one that is durable, easy-to-clean and provides and safe and sturdy surface on which to work.

At Army Epoxy we offer a wide range of floor coating and covering systems to suit all your specific commercial flooring needs: Warehouse floors, factory flooring, commercial kitchen floors, kennel floors, airplane hangar floors, shop floors, corrosion-resistant floors and more. Our epoxy floor coating systems last longer than any traditional floor paints.

Warehouse floors require specialized coatings that are able to withstand the heavy traffic from forklifts, wheeled cards, dirt, foot traffic and infrequent cleaning.

Advantages of Warehouse Floor Coatings

Although safety is the chief advantage to using our warehouse floor coating, there are many additional reasons for opting for such a floor.

A warehouse floor coating installed by Army Epoxy is easy to maintain and clean. It's virtually impenetrable, so it doesn't stain and can be
cleaned by hosing it off or cleaning with a wet mop.

A warehouse floor treated with our floor coatings is a floor won't need to be replaced for decades.

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